Yesterday, the sixth of March, I was on the bus on the way to Kroger for two loaves of bread, and I was talking to one of my friends who works at a chicken restaurant in Flint, Michigan called YaYa's. I was talking to her about my possible next book that I'm currently writing, which is going to be a short story book, but I was also talking to her about me thinking that I should write a cookbook. I told her that I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy putting my creativity to my cooking, so I would like to write a cookbook.

    When I was at Kroger, an idea sparked on my brain like a light bulb. I was going to fix myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I got home from my loaves of bread-shopping. A vision came to me and showed me about different types of peanut butter sandwiches that I could make that I could turn into a cookbook. I thought of peanut butter and shrimp and peanut butter and mushrooms as I had the ingredients at home. So at Kroger, I picked up garlic seasoning and paprika, and I headed up to the self-service register. I rang up my groceries and afterwards walked to the bus stop full of excitement in my facial expression and thought. My mind went like, "This would make a good cookbook for peanut butter sandwich lovers, even for little kiddies. I bet they'd enjoy make different types of peanut butter sandwiches." I went like a light bulb blinking lighter.

    When I got home, I got out the mushrooms, cooking spray, and the spices I bought, and started sauteing the mushrooms on the small skillet for about eight minutes with garlic seasoning and parpika on them at medium-high. In the last two minutes of sauteing the mushrooms, I got out the shrimp and the medium-sized pot, and I put water in the pan a quarter way, just enough to cover the twenty shrimp in the pot. I boiled the shrimp with garlic seasoning and paprika on medium-high heat, and meanwhile, put the sauteed mushrooms in the paper bowl. Afterwards, I drained the shrimp, leaving a flavor of both garlic and paprika in the shrimp. Then I took off the tails and put the shrimp in another paper bowl. Afterwards, I got off the big jar of creamy peanut butter and wheat bread, and I spread that peanut butter on two slices of bread. I put the shrimp on one side of the bread and the mushrooms on the other. Then I got two more slices of bread, and I spread the peanut butter on both of them and put both slices on top of the other slices. Soon after I individually took pictures of each sandwich, I tasted each of the two sandwiches, and oh my God, they were mouthwatering, wild and tasty! I posted what I had for lunch on Facebook, and two of my friends couldn't believe it. It was wild and crazy to them that it really amazed me. I was happy that I came up with an ingenious idea for a cookbook.

    When I was at my college's computer lab, walking from my house, I thought of a lot of ideas for peanut butter sandwiches, even some of them people never thought of making that had never existed that I would be inventing. I could imagine many peanut butter sandwiches that had never existed that I can make and would fit well in a cookbook: a cookbook that is fun, creative, and worth building and eating.

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