So, in the midst of the things I've been keeping track of: the winter semester of my junior year, my work-study secretary job, which I find myself not answering the phone as much, and the dreadful art history class I have to pass to have counted towards my Visual Communications degree at my college, I've seemed to have found myself enjoying home cooking and, of course, creating innovative sandwiches that no one in the world have ever thought of doing or ever invented. That is the purpose of my peanut butter sandwich e-cookbook. In that cookbook, I'm creating inventions of peanut butter sandwiches using fruits, meats, cheeses, pastas, and vegetables that no one has ever invented that are worth tasting and a person's health.

    When I started working on the e-cookbook over a month ago, I didn't want to just make recipes or cook peanut butter sandwiches that people have heard and experienced before. I wanted to go beyond what people know in terms of the peanut butter sandwiches they grew up eating and experience eating. I wanted to invent new peanut butter sandwiches in my mind, soul, and heart, making them realities by combining fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, seafood, and pastas - foods that people in the world know to cook and usually eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and turning them into peanut butter sandwiches that are not only innovative and inventing, but also healthy and tasty, by cooking the ingredients the way they're normally cooked (baked, devined, boiled, sauteed, fried, grilled), seasoning the ingredients with spices, putting them on breads in which peanut butter is spread on both sides, and cooking the sandwiches with the use of the oven and the stove, most being either toasted or grilled. I wanted to add a few of the peanut butter sandwiches that everyone knows of, but adding twists to them in terms of the ingredients that are normally used to make them, such as adding another type of cheese, another type of fruit, another type of meat, cooking them differently, and so forth.

    At the same time, I wanted to write an substantial number of recipes that are sound and convincing to the people and viewers, that makes them want to try the sandwiches, cook them, and taste them. For over a month, I experimented 14 sandwiches, took pictures of them, and wrote nine recipes. I finally thought out a name for the cookbook. Since the cookbook is full of inventions and is intended to be healthy, I decided to call it, "25 Inventively Healthy PB Sandwiches."

    I plan of having tested out 30 sandwich ideas by closer to the end of this year, but I'll be choosing 23 of the 30 to go in the cookbook.  Two of the remaining seven will be decided in a vote by friends on Facebook and by you, my supporters later on when I'm closing in completing my e-cookbook. Stay Tuned!

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